Sky Peak Capital

Sky Peak takes a partnership-first approach to investing in our companies.

We are not simply looking for transactions but long-term relationships with our owners and managers.

Let us listen, work with you, come up with a plan and then help you execute.

We are not just another investment firm, there are plenty of those out there. If you just want someone to cut you a check, we are probably not the right partner.

If you want someone to roll up their sleeves and work with you to bring capital, operational and network resources to enhance your business and valuation, then let’s talk.

Our Criteria

New England Based


Revenue from

$5 – $20mm

Solid, long-term

customer relationships

At least 5 years of a

business track record

Target industries consist of Industrial, Manufacturing and Business Services


Our Approach


Actively involved in the day-to-day to support our owners

Value Creation

Focused on growth and investing in the existing infrastructure of the business

Investment Opportunities

Focus on a small handful of potential opportunities, ensuring we dedicate the necessary resources to every company 

Valuation and Liquidity

Allow our owners to achieve higher valuations and retain equity upside after Sky Peak takes ownership (“a second bite at the apple”)